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The Diamond Law Group combines state of the art support with hands-on customer service. Our in-depth knowledge, attentiveness, and ability to get things done will make all the difference to you and your staff.

•"Time of the essence" attitude towards all mortgage loans.

•"Access My Closing" system allows both you and your clients to always be well informed.

•Flexible and assertive approaches to making transactions work.

•Focus on New York Real Estate provides for thorough and efficient streamlined process.

•Innovative interactive website satisfies increasingly computer-savvy customers.

•In this industry time is always "of the essence". Each second that ticks away you risk losing your loan; therefore each transaction is treated with urgency. Attention to detail and quick turnaround time with all phases of the transaction occur with every closing. Our clients can be assured that their problems are our problems and will be resolved in a professional, fast, thorough and efficient manner.

In today's world your clients are requiring that you be interactive and able to utilize the latest consumer technologies. With our patented "Access My Closing" system, both you and your clients will have unlimited access to all file information and constant customer service.

As a mortgage originator you require flexibility and an assertive approach to making transactions work. The Diamond Law Group is fully prepared to support you in all aspects of your business for the sole purpose of creating more lending opportunities and funding more loans!

Please consider investing a few minutes of your time to learn more about how the Diamond Law Group can make a difference for you and your business.

Contact us by clicking here and let us help you to increase your business by offering our services to your clients.

We look forward to meeting with you!

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