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Online Case Management

  • Review up-to-the-minute status of your transaction instantly online, 24 hours a day.
  • Receive automatic file updates via email.
  • Examine and print all documents instantly.
  • Secure system with client-friendly interface.
  • Expeditiously contact your attorney with any inquiries.

Comprehensive 13 Page
New York Short Sale Guide

New York State Short Sales

•Vast experience negotiating countless mortgage short sales with numerous banks.

•Reliable information necessary to comfort homeowners involved in the stressful short sale process.

•Streamlined negotiation strategies which expedite real estate short sale transactions.

•Thorough short sale worksheet identifies potential problems before they arise.



Diamond Law Group Services

•Attention to detail and quick turnaround time.

•Practice exclusively Real Estate Law; never detained in court.

•Automatic e-mail updates to all parties alleviate unnecessary stress and anxiety.

•Flexible appointment hours and locations anywhere on Long Island or New York City.

•Delighted to work with any title insurance company or mortgage broker affiliation.


Mortgage Professionals

Diamond Law Group Services

•"Time of the essence" attitude towards all mortgage loans.

•"Access My Closing" system allows both you and your clients to always be well informed.

•Flexible and assertive approaches to making transactions work.

•Focus on New York Real Estate provides for thorough and efficient streamlined process.

•Innovative interactive website satisfies increasingly computer-savvy customers.


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